the course of beginning

something begins. One cannot capture the flows of beginning when one is in the course of a beginning. I am not speaking of God or religious beginnings, but those everyday ordinary yet significant beginnings.  Significant in the sense that it causes strong and ambiguous feelings and affects in those who are in the course of … Continue reading


看了沈语冰和刘翔关于高雅艺术的讨论[],提到了艺术之所以高雅是与真理和时间有关。 “能够经历时间考验的就是好的艺术”, “高雅艺术与真理有关”, “摆满电视机与噪音不知所云”…这让我思考几个问题: 1. 究竟是什么经历了时间的考验? 是艺术品这个物体?还是产生的艺术事件?还是艺术品所代表的其它东西?还是艺术欣赏者的品味? 2. 什么叫做时间的考验?是物理时间的流逝?还是人类的历史时间?还是…? 这其中根深蒂固还是坚持着一种对“永恒”的信仰… 4. “艺术与真理” 这次的讨论是在没有对“真理”进行任何定义和诠释的情况下进行的。关于这个关系的讨论只能成立在相信真理的必要性性和存在的基础上。 5. 关于对当代艺术的批评,对于实验艺术的不理解与无法体会,而没有给予实验艺术,多媒体艺术同样的重视。 6.对后现代艺术,中国当代艺术的国际营销策略,国际双年展的讨论…

Mark Taylor

In the end, it all comes down to a question of skin. And bones.  The question of skin and bones is the question of hiding and seeking.  And the question of hiding and seeking is the question of detection.  Is detection any longer possible? Who is the detective? What is detected? Is there anything left … Continue reading

Hélène Cixous

Extend the hand, write, and it’s all over with the end. Writing is the movement to return to where we haven’t been ‘in person’ but only in wounded flesh, in frightened animal, movement to go farther than far, and also, effort to go too far, to where I’m afraid to go. but where, if you … Continue reading