the course of beginning

something begins.

One cannot capture the flows of beginning when one is in the course of a beginning.

I am not speaking of God or religious beginnings, but those everyday ordinary yet significant beginnings.  Significant in the sense that it causes strong and ambiguous feelings and affects in those who are in the course of it.

something begins.

But i seem to be thinking about what is before beginning, or something that begins.  This is not right.  I do not know what begins, i only know I am done with certain things, and am looking around and forward and backward. Beginning is not a linear thing.

but before something begins, hasn’t there to be something that ends?

Cixous says, at the beginning(s)–and already, by saying it out loud, I’m hoist by my own petard! — at the beginning(s), there existed many.  Or: there were many.


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